Giving Someone Special Flowers after a Performance

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Giving Someone Special Flowers after a Performance

Flowers have traditionally been showered on performers by adoring fans and appreciative theatergoers. Both professional and amateur performances now routinely feature the opening night flower storm.

After a performance, it's customary to present flowers to both audience members and ballerinas, dancers, and performers. Flowers are an emotional reminder that ballerinas are cherished, admired, and valued each time they are given to them by fans or admirers.

Following a performance, giving a performer a bouquet of flowers shows appreciation and consideration. This is a suitable gift when going to a ballet, opera, musical, or orchestra performance.

The Petal Carpet

Ballet has the most intricate flower-giving customs among the theater arts since it is the most exact and conventional. The female lead dancers are presented with bouquets of roses and other eye-catching flowers at curtain call. 

Management often makes sure there are bouquets for all the major female dancers at curtain call, and there will frequently be one for the conductor or the choreographer to avoid embarrassment or slights. 

Fans provide their own praise by throwing full bouquets or showers of rose petals at the platform. All rose thorns should be removed, and flower stalks that have been sharply cut should not be exposed as a matter of basic etiquette for any fan wishing to present the show's star with a bouquet.

Below, you will find the flowers appropriate to give to a performer following a show.


The customary choice for performers following a performance is long-stemmed roses. While red roses are the most common, the giver can also select other hues to present a performer with a bouquet after a performance. 

Pink roses are considered to convey profound thanks, while yellow roses are said to convey friendship.


Irises are a wonderful post-performance gift if you know a young ballerina. Despite the fact that irises come in a variety of gorgeous colors, this is particularly true with purple varieties. Purple is a color that evokes adoration, which is perfectly appropriate given the outstanding talents required to perform ballet.


Opt for orchids if you want a distinctive choice. There are many lovely hues of orchids, such as various tones of pink, lavender, and red. Dramatic color schemes like this might work well for theater productions.


Carnations are a fantastic choice for artists of all kinds because they often signify admiration and pride. Additionally, carnations are resilient flowers, so they will endure well after the show is over.


Although white lilies are viewed as somewhat austere, this flower is also available in a variety of different hues. The colors red, orange, pink, and yellow are thought to represent imagination and aspiration. 

Because they represent aspirations and desires, stargazer lilies are an especially appropriate choice for performers.


There are customs and tales concerning when, how, and what sorts of flowers to gift in opera, drama, musical comedies, and dance. Giving flowers before the show rather than after the final curtain tempts fate and brings unlucky or lackluster energy into the theater. 

Flowers imply a fantastic performance. Sending a live flowering plant or floral arrangement to the theater before opening night for the performer's dressing room is an exception.

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