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Why are Red Roses Popular on Valentine’s Day?

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Why are Red Roses Popular on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is always a special occasion for many couples. It’s that one time of the year when everyone thinks of nothing but love and romance and spends time with their special someone. One of the most enduring traditions for Valentine’s day is giving red roses as a gift. This tradition has been around for quite some time, but very few people know the reason why the rose was chosen to become the symbol of love above all the other flower types. Let’s explore the reasons why red roses are the preferred choice for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

A History of Roses

The beautiful red rose is native to the western part of Asia and is the national flower of England. It is possible that the rose was first grown in ancient Persia. Ancient Persians were great gardeners, and they were the ones who first cultivated roses. In those days, roses were cultivated to be eaten on special occasions, just like how some other special fruits were cultivated and consumed at the time. Red was the color of royalty, and the most expensive variety of roses was the red one.

Roses spread across the world as explorers traveled to other parts of the continent. Columbus and Cortes took roses to the Americas, and the Europeans discovered roses in China and India. In China, roses were cultivated mainly for their medicinal properties. They were used for treating heart diseases and for good health in general. The Chinese even used rose petals for treating heartburn and other digestive problems.

The Meaning Behind Red Roses

The color red is considered to be a very passionate color. So it’s no surprise why it is associated with love and romance. Red is the color of fire and passion, so it’s the color that represents the intense, emotional aspect of love. It’s no wonder why red roses are commonly given as gifts on Valentine’s day to remind the lovebirds that their love is as passionate and hot as fire.

Red roses also symbolize gratitude, respect, admiration, and friendship. So you can give a beautiful bouquet of red roses to your partner on Valentine’s day to tell them just how much you appreciate them and how much you love them.

Why Send Roses on Valentine's Day?

You cannot deny the fact that the image of red roses on the big day has become an institution at this point. Everybody knows that giving a bouquet of these exquisite flowers will get you invited over to your partner’s place, if not into their arms.

One of the things that make roses so special is their relatively short lifespan. This is why roses have always been a favorite among women. Women are known to be emotional, and this is why they feel very attached to flowers for the short period of time that they last. It is no wonder why it is not an overstatement to say that women love roses so much.

Another thing that makes roses so special is that they have a unique kind of fragrance. Women are very sensitive in terms of the scents they are attracted to, and the fragrance of roses has always been a favorite. The scent of roses makes women remember the same kind of scent that they smelled when they were with their mothers when they were kids.


If you want to send the perfect gift for your beloved on Valentine’s day, then the best thing you can do is buy red roses. Nothing else will be able to show her how much you love her more than by sending her a bouquet of these beautiful flowers.

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