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9 Most Popular Local Thai Flowers You Can Avail Of

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9 Most Popular Local Thai Flowers You Can Avail Of

Thai flowers are colorful and unique, each carrying its meaning and a particular occasion to give them to your loved ones.

To save you the hassle of visiting many shops to find the right flower, here are the most popular flowers you can avail of and the occasions they are given.

Here are nine flowers that are the most popular and beloved in Thailand:

1. Rose (Rom Phong)

Rose is the flower that represents the love and affection of couples. The beauty of the rose is linked to its scent.

There are different types of roses in Thailand. The most popular one is the Rose from Bulac, which is pink and found all over Thailand. Thai people have given a name to the different colors of roses. For example, the pink one is called 'Rom Phong Plai Glai.'

Rose comes in all colors. Red roses are the most popular in Thailand and are given during special occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

2. Orchid (Or Nat)

Orchids are the most popular and expensive flowers in Thailand, known as the 'Queen of Flowers.' They are primarily found in eastern Thailand in Buriram, Prachin Buri, Chantaburi, and Nakhon Nayok.

As it is the most expensive flower in Thailand, the orchid is given to very special people and occasions, like executives and professors, business people, and important clients.

Apart from being given to special people, the orchid is the flower generally sent to the deceased or monks in the temple.

Orchids are given to people we admire, love, admire and respect.

3. Blue Lotus (Songkeaw)

Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is the national flower of Thailand, where it is also known as Songkeaw, a word of Mon-Khmer origin. The blue lotus is famous for its unique color. It is also known as the common blue water-lily, blue giant water-lily, and other names such as blue Egyptian lily, fairy lily, white lily, sacred lily, and sacred lotus.

Many people give this flower out during the Songkran festival. They also use it as the design of their tattoo. Before the flower blooms, it has a lot of medicinal properties.

4. Lotus Flower (Nenuphar)

The lotus flower is a part of Buddhist culture. It is given out almost all year round, but during the Buddhist New Year, the lotus is called upon to represent the birthday of Lord Buddha.

There are many types of lotus. The pink lotus is the most popular.

5. Citrus (Bai Ma)

The citrus flower is the most popular in the south of Thailand. The most popular citrus flower is the mandarin orange flower.

In the south of Thailand, people believe that the honey of the flower can be used as alternative medicine. People used to plant the flower on their farmland and the fruit trees nearby in the past. This is because of its beautiful and sweet-smelling flower.

6. Windflower (Thong Yod)

Thong Yod is a popular flower in Thailand. It is the flower that represents friendship.

People do not only give this flower to friends but also teachers, neighbors, and close relatives. This flower is mainly given during the Songkran festival.

7. Chrysanthemum (Chom Khwai)

Chrysanthemum is one of the most trending flowers in Thailand. It is also known as the 'Gentleman of Flowers' because it's Thailand's most popular funeral flower.

It is given out during the funeral and generally includes one or two chrysanthemum flowers to decorate the casket. The flowers are yellow and white.


These are the most popular flowers in Thailand that you can use to cater to the needs of your friends and loved ones. Any of the flowers mentioned above will be a great choice, no matter when you need them.

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