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The Meaning and Symbolism of the Blue Rose

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The Meaning and Symbolism of the Blue Rose

Blue roses are one of the rarest colors found in nature, as well as one of the few flowers available in nature that is blue. Blue roses have become so popular because of their rarity and uniqueness. Blue roses add a different dimension to your regular floral bouquet and can help make it indeed a sight to behold.

A Brief History of Blue Roses

Blue roses are one of the newest rose color species introduced in the last decade. True-blue roses are created by crossbreeding different species of rose to achieve new coloration. They live in a protected greenhouse under 24-hour artificial lighting. These roses never see sunlight, which is why they never change color. Most blue roses lean toward purple or lavender in tone; however, in 2018, a group of Japanese scientists successfully created a blue rose that changes color with the temperature.

What Blue Rose Symbolizes

Simply put, blue roses symbolize secrecy, mystery, and uniqueness. 

The first blue rose was grown in 2004, and since then, it has not been the same. People once romanticized blue roses as a concept rather than an actual flower, but the stories surrounding blue roses have changed a lot. Today, the blue rose symbolizes many things, including:

  1. Mystery and Secrecy: Blue roses are the symbol of mystery. They are artificial, and their creation is a complicated and special process that makes them the symbol of mystery and secrecy.
  1. Rare and Unattainable: Even though growers genetically modify blue roses to appear blue, it's still extremely rare and expensive. A blue rose thus stands for everything rare and unattainable.
  1. Unique and Romantic: The unique hues and shapes of the blue rose make it the symbol of uniqueness. Its romantic associations derive from the sense of longing and discovery it evokes in us.

The Meaning of Blue Roses (Combined with Other Flowers)

Blue roses are often combined with other flowers, which always gives a special significance. You can incorporate many beautiful combinations of flowers with your blue roses. Below are some of the most popular combinations.

  1. Red and Blue Roses: This combination means a secret admirer or mysterious love.
  1. White and Blue Roses: This combination means pure, unblemished love. It also means peace, serenity, and true beauty.
  1. Yellow and Blue Roses: This combination means a great love or the beauty of friendship. It can also signify platonic attraction towards someone.
  1. Pink and Blue Roses: This combination means love and romance, a feeling of admiration with the thought of uniqueness. It delivers the message of wanting to make someone feel unique and special.


Blue roses have been known to symbolize mystery, secrecy, and pride. Their rarity, as well as their color, makes them unique among the other flowers in the garden. They are also a popular gift among lovers, who often give them to express their feelings for one another. Nothing is more beautiful than receiving a blue rose bouquet; they are the perfect symbol of romance, beauty, and grace.

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