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Flowers and Women: What's the Emotional Impact?

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Flowers and Women: What's the Emotional Impact?

There's something about flowers that instantly changes a person's mood, right? Whether you're into them or not, receiving flowers can easily make your heart melt, but why is that?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you're probably thinking of sending your partner some flowers. But before you do that, it actually pays to know how flowers and bouquets impact women emotionally. In this way, you'll understand why it softens them and puts them in a different, more romantic mood.

In this article, we'll dig deeper into a study on how flowers impact women emotionally. And trust us, by the end of this article, you'll understand why flowers are a go-to gift for women. Let's get to it!

How Do Flowers Affect Women Emotionally?

  • Flowers Immediately Affect Happiness: If you've ever received flowers or a bouquet of flowers, then you know how it instantly puts you in a good mood, right? Well, that's because flowers positively affect happiness and make someone feel good. Women who receive flowers often feel delighted, excited, and incredibly grateful.
  • Flowers Have a Positive Effect on Moods: It turns out flowers positively affect moods and help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Flowers have a calming effect on the mind and body that makes a person feel more relaxed and deal with stress.
  • Flowers Encourage Intimate Connections: Flowers are perceived as a sign of love and devotion. When you give flowers to someone, it encourages you to connect with that person and puts a positive image in that person's mind.

What are the Immediate Reactions of Women?

Now that we know how flowers and bouquets affect women emotionally, let's look at some of the study's findings on how women immediately react when they receive flowers.

  • Polite Smile: Women will show a polite, "thank you" smile to let the person who gave them flowers know that they received the gift. With that, there are no discernable facial movements, and you'll only see the corners of her mouth lift.
  • True Smile: When the woman feels comfortable and relaxed, she will show a true smile. If she likes the gift, she will show a warm, positive smile that'll show off the corners of her mouth. With this, you can really tell that she's happy.
  • Excited Smile: As it turns out, women show an excited smile that'll show a lot of teeth when they're really happy with a gift. This is when they're really impressed and excited over what you gave them.

The Bottom Line: Consider Giving the Important Women in Your Life Some Beautiful Flowers

Giving women flowers or a bouquet of flowers in your life can change the way they feel and make them happy. So next time you want to impress the special lady in your life, consider giving her a bouquet of flowers and watch her be delighted and impressed!

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