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Give the Best “Congratulations” Message with These Bouquets

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Give the Best “Congratulations” Message with These Bouquets

Celebrating milestones and important life moments is often easier in person than over the phone or with a text message. For a friend or relative celebrating an important moment in their lives, sending flowers is a more tangible way to share the joy of their achievement. Whether your neighbor is celebrating the birth of a child, your partner has achieved something great at work, or you want to celebrate your friends’ purchase of their first home, don’t just give them a handwritten card. Pair it with thoughtful and well-chosen flower bouquets to convey your care.

Our team put together these tips to help you find the perfect bouquets that say "Congratulations" best.

Yellow Rose Bouquets

If someone you know just landed their dream job, sending them flowers is a great way to show your support. Yellow roses are ideal, as they symbolize friendship and joy. They look bright and cheerful and make you want to smile—and like all roses, their slender elegance makes them a pleasure to behold. This is an excellent combination of sentiments to wish your friend well as they embark on the next career stage.

Another consideration is sending those flowers to their home or their new workplace. This move will depend on the recipient. 

For instance, sending bouquets to their home might be better if they don’t like being the center of attention. But if they don’t mind, sending flowers with a vase to their new workplace is appreciated, especially if you add a favorite candy or chocolate.

Lily and Gerbera Bouquets

Congratulations flowers and balloons are a popular way to send your best wishes to the parents of a new baby. If the latest member is a girl, you could pick traditional pink and purple florals like lilies, roses, or gerberas. These are popular by themselves or as part of a mixed bouquet.

If you’re looking for blue for a new baby boy, bouquets with blue irises and yellow roses are a great choice.

White flowers represent purity and innocence, so an arrangement featuring white gerberas, lilies, roses, and some greenery would brighten up the hospital room. For congratulating a new baby with a bit more pizzaz, you could pick rainbow roses – they’re incredibly bright, colorful, and symbolize happiness.

Florist tip: Before arranging flower delivery right after childbirth, check with the hospital to see if they have any rules surrounding flowers. Also, be mindful that hospital stays are often relatively short these days, so if you cannot send baby flowers there, surprising the new parents at home could be better.

Lily and Tulip Bouquets

Passing an important exam or graduating high school or college is a considerable achievement! To congratulate the graduate, send a bright bouquet of gerberas. Or you can send an arrangement featuring orange lilies! Orange lilies represent energy, confidence, passion, and life satisfaction — all great sentiments as a recent graduate starts their career or further studies. Because they symbolize honor and respect, they indicate how much you admire the graduate’s hard work.


So whether you’re aiming for a classy well-wish or a special congratulations message, these flowers convey what you genuinely mean best. Pick between these bouquet options and send them to bring joy to an already ecstatic moment in your loved one’s life.

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