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Everything to Know About Daisy Flowers and Their Meaning

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Everything to Know About Daisy Flowers and Their Meaning

When choosing and giving flowers, it's best to look deeper into their meaning to figure out what they represent and symbolize in many different lights. Flowers have many meanings, and like tattoos, each flower can mean something different to everyone.

Daisy flowers are among the most common flowers used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces in many gift arrangements. They are best known for their beauty and charm. However, what they mean is often overlooked by many people.

Considered as relatives of the sunflower and a more closed flower, the daisy has a very distinct image. Continue reading to know more about daisy flowers and their meaning.

What Daisies Represent

Daisy flowers have many different meanings and are widely used in various settings. More commonly, daisies are usually used to symbolize innocence. The flower is often associated as a symbol of a girl's first love when she gets together with someone for the first time.

The flower is also a symbol of cheerfulness, widely used to decorate homes, offices, and more. The flower is also associated with hope, freedom, and the outdoors, adding a touch of nature indoors. And, if a daisy springs up on the sidewalk, it means you are surrounded by good things.

Note that a daisy has a short life span but is seen as very beautiful. This is why the daisy is often given to young ladies, as it personifies youth and blossoming despite the tough conditions and weather experienced.

What Daisies Symbolize in Mythology

In Greek mythology, daisies symbolized innocence and purity. They were also used as a symbol for simple happiness and saying goodbye to those who passed away. Meanwhile, in Roman history, daisies were arranged with violets to symbolize eternal life. But in more modern times, daisies carry a different meaning, which varies between countries.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the daisy flower means innocence, simplicity, and purity. For Scotland and England, the daisy is thought to represent the sun. As for Thailand, daisies represent being sweet, humble, and friendly towards others. If you want to get along with someone a little better, daisies would be a good way to go.

What Daisies Symbolize in Religion

Daisies were once associated with the Virgin Mary, who was often pictured with daisies. They still are used today in many Catholic traditions. In Christian symbolism, the daisy symbolizes purity, modesty, humility, innocence, and simplicity. The daisy flower is also associated with death and dying, as the flower disappears after a short period of time.

Meanwhile, in Buddhism, the daisy is associated with strength and endurance. And as for Islam, the daisy is associated with innocence, chastity, and honor. The flower often symbolizes the innocence of children and the purity of women. Several religious people also believe the daisy represents new life and renewal.


As for the symbol of hope, daisies are often associated with the potential for hope and a better future. It is often used in celebration events, including weddings and birthdays. If you are celebrating a major event, it is best to think about the flowers that will convey your message.

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